List of health issues, fixed and unfixed

These are the conditions and annoyances I’ve attempted to solve over the past 12 years with nutritional therapy, with links to the related post if I’ve written one yet. The goal is to move everything into the “resolved” list — only occasional maintenance needed with whatever nutrient(s) caused the problem in the first place. (Although occasionally the causes change over the years.)

Please note that I did not have all of these at the same time, and some of them just made fleeting appearances now and again. Some I had before going gluten-free and some arrived after. In each post I’ve bolded whatever supplement or treatment was of help for that issue, or the main factors causing it. In all cases, I had also been taking other supplements besides the ones indicated.

Resolved: nutritional deficiency(ies) corrected and supplementation only needed every once in a while

Controlled: symptoms have abated with supplementation, but return when it is stopped

Unresolved: haven’t figured out the problem, or know the problem but cannot fix it for various reasons (e.g. bad reaction to required supplement)

    eye floaters
    failure of world to recognize my true genius
    iron levels, low (and occasionally mild anemia)

2 thoughts on “List of health issues, fixed and unfixed

    1. Marjorie Post author

      All but six of the health conditions listed here are links to pages with that information. I still have to write those last six posts.

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