How I induced cystic acne in myself

Except for several regrettable weeks in 1995 when I was drinking seven cans of Pepsi a day, I have rarely been bothered by anything but the occasional pimple despite heavy chocolate abuse, which I’m guessing is offset by my heavy water drinking.

But then two years ago, in a desperate attempt to get some energy, I started taking about 100 mg of iron a day. I’ve taken iron off and on, sometimes for years at a time, sometimes at 150 mgs at a time, but I’ve never been able to get my ferritin levels past 26. Conventional doctors feel this number is fine, but… don’t get me started on how stupid lab ranges are. Even though iron had done nothing for me in the past before except energize me for two days and then disable me with zombie brain and splitting headaches, I tried it one more time for about a week.

I was rewarded with all new reactions: the kind of vertigo that makes you have to throw up when you stand up, and the kind of acne that erupts even under the hair in large, painful cysts. Since I’d been eating poorly and avoiding supplements for two years — from constant exhaustion, and because the whole nutritional therapy thing really can be a pain in the ass — I knew I was most likely deficient in a whole lotta stuff. I figured the iron was outcompeting other nutrients.

First, obviously, I quit the iron. The vertigo got better but still hung on. Since I was also experiencing dry eyes, which I had learned earlier was what happens when my vitamin A levels fall, and since vitamin A was one of the nutrients that competes with iron, I thought I’d start with that. I did an internet search for an association with vertigo, found it, and decided to try 30,000 IU a day. The vertigo went away in about three days. I kept taking a smaller dose for a few weeks, until it, too, gave me headaches.

This also put a small dent in the acne, but not enough. It was a very minor case compared to what some people experience, but still, it did not go away for weeks and I had the scars for A YEAR. My friend suffered this several times a year and always ended up going to the dermatologist for a cortisone shot, but my insurance wouldn’t cover that.

Zinc is closely associated with acne (as is vitamin A) but I didn’t think of this for a while because for years my first sign of lower zinc levels would be a plummeting mood, which I did not have, except for the normal feeling you get when you have to appear in public looking like a disfigured freak. (This is another example of how your deficiency symptoms will change over time.) I finally got wise and looked online at a bunch of forums on the subject and decided to try 90 mg a day for a while. The acne was gone in four days (having lingered for weeks up to that point). I kept taking a smaller dose for several weeks — 50 mg and then 25 mg.

After that lovely episode, I remembered that in high school and college I would get a much milder case of these cysts, in the same place every time. (But not in the places I had them for this episode.) According to, , “unresolved nodules can sometimes leave an impaction behind, which can flare again and again.” That might be an argument for taking the zinc long after the cyst disappears, to make sure you’re getting rid of all the crap that lies beneath.

In my current self-experiment with super-mega-walloping doses of iodine, the zinc/acne issue is also a problem, but 25 mg every other day seems to be enough to prevent it.

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  1. Amy

    If your struggeling to get your iron level up you may actually need copper. your body can not process the iron with out enough copper.

    1. Marjorie Post author

      Thank you, Amy. I actually seemed to run too high in copper. I believe the problem was systemic inflammation caused by an environmental toxin. It became quite easy to raise my iron levels once I attacked that issue.

  2. Kay

    Hello! I’m anemic and have bad menstrual cycles. I’ve been struggling from cystic acne for almost one year now. My doctor recommended that I take Ferraplus 90mg only when I have my cycle (once a day for five days) because I’ve been able to get the anemia to normal levels through food.

    I’ve been noticing that when I take the Ferraplus 90mg I develop these huge painful cysts around my mouth, cheeks and jawline. I’m using topical acne medication which is helping tremendously with the acne so I’m starting to think that the problem may be the iron tablets.

    The ingredients are: Docusate Sodium 50 mg
    Folic Acid 1 mg
    Iron (Carbonyl iron) 90 mg
    Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 12 mcg
    Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 120 mg

    Is the zinc still working for you? What else do you recommend? Thank you.

    1. Marjorie Post author

      I’m afraid I can’t offer any other suggestions, as zinc is the only thing I’ve tried for cystic acne. I’m back on iron again — 195 mg/day — which seems to be working for the first time in decades. (I’m assuming this is attributable to a huge reduction in systemic inflammation after 18 months of mold avoidance.) I actually forgot all about the cystic acne problem, but for the first month on iron I also took 120 mgs of zinc a day to avoid mild mood effects and sinus inflammation. So far no acne. I recently cut the zinc down by a third, so we’ll see what happens… BTW the commenter “ing” has a suggestion below about lysine and proline, although I never tried it myself.

  3. oshunana

    It’s challenging to get your iron levels up. I’ve found it takes a combo of all cofactors–folate, B12, B6, and even copper. (Numerous sites say everyone is high in copper, but a hair mineral analysis showed me as extremely low.) I’m about to try lactoferrin, which binds iron and gets it to the liver and cells….

    My cravings, weak fingernails, low adrenals, and tinnius have all been significantly impacted by raising my iron levels (which are still below 50–I’m aiming for 70).

    1. ing

      try some liver..I too was looking for co-factors for raising iron (and for raising b12 and folate) 100 grams of liver contains all of the cofactors and iron with RDA of 100% or more!

  4. ing

    discovered lysine and proline get rid of those under skin impactions in a week. Used to hang around for months! And no more cysts as long as I keep taking them.
    Do you know why lysine and proline work? Lysine worked by itself and when I added proline effects were better.

    1. Marjorie Post author

      I am clueless. I am only slightly familiar with lysine, as a liver cleaner. How much do you take of each?

    2. ing

      I take 1000mg each per day. Worked in three days. I usually get three cysts per month; none since starting. Ive read about it working for acne before on just never tried it. Kicking myself.

  5. luckyduckybunny

    Came across this today and wanted to say its very interesting. I have hydragenitis and suffered some cystic acne and I recently stopped drinking MILK. I have not had a cyst since!! I still break out a little on my face but my cysts have stopped flaring up. I started drinking almond milk and eating lots of nuts of all kinds along with more fruit in my diet and I have more energy than ever but I have been having vertigo and/or dizziness quite often. I am going to look into some of the things mentioned here and try to figure out what is causing it.

    1. Marjorie Post author

      Congratulations! Hydragenitis sounds very frustrating. Dairy used to tank my mood until I got my zinc levels up. Apparently casein binds zinc in the body. Now I drink way too many mocha drinks with no effect on my mood. (Knock on wood.) Good luck on the vertigo investigation.

    1. Marjorie Post author

      They return if I stop taking zinc and stay off them for several months and eat badly or take a lot of iron or vitamin D. Recently I started taking 100 mg a day for other reasons (no cysts) and in a few days my skin was a lot healthier looking everywhere. I’d forgotten it used to look so much better. I can’t say about the blackheads. About 9 years ago my coworker told me to use a glycolic acid peel for a week and and THEN use those pore strip things from the drug store, and that did it for me. Before that, nothing had worked. I haven’t used either for years and the problem has not returned.

    2. Ingrid

      When I go past 10mg of zinc my skin gets dry and I cant sleep. But it does help with the cysts. Must me another mineral its blocking that Im low in. I suspect magnesium. You’re lucky with the blackheads not coming back! Neither of those cures worked form me.

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