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If you have insomnia and are interested in homeopathy

On an online discussion on insomnia I ran across a commenter who had combined homeopathy with the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of the 24-hour organ Qi cycle — that is, the idea that each organ goes into maintenance mode at a certain time of day, and if the organ is in particular need of repair, the activity might affect your nervous system. The commenter used the homeopathic formulas that treat those organs corresponding with the hours she found herself awake.

Forgive me if this is a basic tenet of homeopathy that even newbie homeopaths know. I am almost completely clueless about the subject, although I can say that choosing formulations based on their descriptions on the package in the store never did diddly for me. For all that it is maligned in the press and even in alternative health circles, however, I’ve come across enough people who used it that I’m not going to nay-say it. Who cares why it works. If it works for you, it works.

Here are insomnia-related Qi cycle hours:

7-9 pm – pericardium
9-11 pm – Triple Burner. This is not actually a specific organ. The commenter used pineal gland and hypothalamus preparations for the 6-10 pm time.
11pm-1am – gallbladder
1-3 am – liver
3-5 am – lung
5-7 am- large intestine
7-9 am – stomach
9-11 am – spleen

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