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List of my deficiency symptoms

Here’s a list of deficiency symptoms I’ve noticed during the past 10 years, many of which have changed or disappeared over time. Where blank, symptoms have not been noticed lately.

Vitamin/ mineral/ etc. Past
deficiency symptoms
Current deficiency symptoms (frequency noticed)
Biotin hair fall, blurry vision, low blood sugar  
Folate bad nails, difficulty concentrating, restless legs same
Vitamin A dry eyes, dry lips, earache, vertigo acne, earache, vertigo (rare)
Vitamin B-complex (in general) bad facial skin, low mood, fatigue same (rare)
Vitamin B3 (niacin) none noticed burning tongue
Vitamin B12 fatigue, low mood, headaches when taking vitamin b6 or iron, getting up at night to use loo sweating, burning tongue (occasional)
Vitamin C easy bruising (also used to lower high histamine not caused by vitamin C deficiency) same (rare)
Vitamin D fatigue, insomnia same (constant)
Vitamin K menorrhagia, fatigue menorrhagia, intolerance to vitamin D supplements, difficulty breathing (decreasing)
Calcium facial numbness, insomnia, leg pain, anxiety, carb cravings/high cortisol fatigue, joint pain, carb cravings/high cortisol (rare)
Iodine soy allergy, high histamine, fatigue? fatigue?
Iron fatigue, difficulty concentrating, ridged fingernails, wimpy hair, cracked lips same, difficulty breathing (frequent)
Magnesium skin reaction to wool, anxiety, insomnia (with calcium) tight neck muscles, difficulty concentrating (rare)
Sodium (when dehydrated) nausea, headache, bad digestion  
Digestive enzymes bad digestion  
Essential fatty acids (all) bumpy skin, difficulty concentrating  
” (Omega-3) bumpy skin, minor seizures, mild OCD thing where you doublecheck to see if you locked your car or dropped something behind you  
Fiber borborygmus when taking iron  
Protein thin hair, weak fingernails same (occasional)
Stomach acid bad digestion, thin hair peeling fingernails (rare)
Zinc depression, poor appetite, intolerance to dairy, irritability, fatigue acne, hangnails, minor low mood, poor appetite, irritability (occasional)
Water bad facial skin, strange sensation of despair and homesickness ruddy skin (rare)