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Sorbitol: evil? Discuss.

I should’ve learned this long ago — just because you’re okay with a tiny amount of something every once in a while doesn’t mean you’ll be okay with larger doses every day for a year. That was my thinking with sublingual supplements containing mannitol and sorbitol. It didn’t even occur to me to worry about it because I’d never taken them more than once every few weeks. (Aspartame is another story — that is scary #$@!.)

The miserable mouth symptoms, which I’d assumed was just another stop on my path to decrepitude, got so bad it woke me up at night. It matched descriptions of a candida infection gone ballistic, and everything I’ve ever seen about candida says it is close to impossible to get rid of. This grossed me out so much that I threw out all my toothbrushes, lipsticks, and lip balms, and started soaking the new toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide between uses. I scrubbed all the sinks and poured boiling water down the drains, followed (after a decent lag) with a hydrogen peroxide chaser. I started brushing my entire mouth so thoroughly with an electric toothbrush — much better for this sort of thing — that I’m pretty sure I now qualify for a union card for the San Fernando Valley film industry.

After a few days it dawned on me that the discomfort got worse after taking the GABA and vitamin B12 sublinguals I’d been taking daily for a year. Both contain mannitol, and the GABA Calm, which was definitely a bigger problem, contains sorbitol. I quit ’em both and two days later was much better.

Never again will you hear me sing the praises of GABA Calm, which until it started with the putrefying-tongue business worked quite well to slow my brain down at night. I now curse it. I will not dignify rumors about the company’s monthly sacrifices of virgin employees in the processing vats, but I do have it on good authority that the CEO eats kittens for breakfast.