It’s time to wrap this up

After 2 1/2 years of blogging I am ending my regular posting schedule. After September 30, 2013 I will only post sporadically, to document any earth-shattering results I elicit from my self experiments. I will continue to welcome comments and emails, however, and will respond ASAP.

The New World Outhouse requires that I cobble together several part-time jobs in order to feed myself, and I’ve been struggling with my already-modest publishing and social media schedule. Just keeping up with the back-end is a chore: I lost 90% of my traffic before I noticed that a vital WordPress plug-in had stopped working. And don’t even talk to me about $#%^@ Feedly.

Like a lot of health bloggers I have been constrained by worries about discrimination by potential employers who read this content. Not being able to say everything I need to is a real drag, especially since I have received so much helpful info from my readers. I just know that someone out there has a tip about coping with cannibalistic urges and parasitic twins that could change my life.

Eventually I hope to condense all the site’s content into e-book form and post it on Amazon for $.99. Thus will my media empire be founded and that Oprah chick knocked off her high horse.

Many thanks to fellow bloggers and biohackers Steph Strand and Seth Roberts for reaching out and letting me know that someone was actually out there reading. And a million thanks to everyone else who contacted me.

All the best to you.

ANT - Ciao!

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