Twenty links for June 2013

Here’s a selection of articles I’ve tweeted/facebooked/google-plussed about this month.

  1. If someone asks you for a double-blind study proving that vitamin XYZ works…
  2. 97 percent of UK doctors have given placebos to patients at least once
  3. Yes, you can be overweight and malnourished
  4. World’s first clinical trial supports use of kava to treat anxiety
  5. Your gut flora might determine whether or not you develop celiac disease
  6. Seth Roberts on how to encourage personal science (AKA self-experimentation)
  7. Magnetic pulses now used in Britain to treat depression
  8. Rosemary aroma may help you remember to do things
  9. Sun exposure benefits may outweigh risks
  10. The quality of your health insurance has little effect on your health
  11. Infographic: Why you still feel like crap: the vicious cycle of drugs and side effects
  12. Flawed papers appear regularly in science journals, says biotech research expert
  13. China report on human rights in US points out deaths due to lack of health coverage
  14. Giving up reading the news will make you happier!
  15. JAMA study on why US adults use supplements
  16., a social network for health issues
  17. Modest changes in miltary dining facilities promoted healthier eating
  18. Hands-on treatment improves chronic low back pain, reduces medication use
  19. PepsiCo to halt use of bromides in Gatorade
  20. Brain cancer patient asks online world for input into cancer treatment

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