Wellsphere.com sucks

Allow me to document once and for all the useless, pointless, diversionary, deceptive, incompetent, badly designed, goddamned waste of time that is the wellsphere.com morass, where health knowledge goes to die.

I recently googled “okra pepsin” in search of reviews for a supplement I came across, mostly to satisfy my curiosity as to why in hell anyone would put okra in a supplement. The one time I was ever in the same room with okra was also the first time I tried to cook it, and I haven’t been the same since. As a vegetable it can be classified as “mucilaginous;” let’s just leave it at that.

This particular supplement is also made by a company I have considered dubious ever since two naturopaths tried suspiciously hard to sell me a bunch of the brand’s products.

The search returned few helpful results. But I did find this:

Looks promising, no? You are so naive. Even though I knew better, even though I have followed such links to my doom at least ten times in the past, I clicked on the link. Because that title tag (in red) looked soooo right.

And I got this.

Not only is there no one specific article corresponding to that google entry — a global, internet-wide standard that almost no one flaunts except this god-forsaken site — but not one of the article choices listed features the specific search term. How is this not deceptive? How is this not bait-and-switch? Golf delta foxtrot morons.

In the interest of fair reporting, I tried the site’s own search engine. I typed in “You are #$@!ing morons,” and lo! it returned an article that sounded like it might be relevant:

God bless Angus, whoever he is. Strangely enough, that entry is not the work of a hacker after my own heart, but a bona fide comment on one of the site’s cancer discussion boards.

Based on that you’d think there might actually be content offering personal, heartfelt, non-traditional viewpoints on the site, but at this point I’m too annoyed to investigate any further.

2 thoughts on “Wellsphere.com sucks

  1. Steph

    My college roommate was a southerner, and he introduced me to okra – ooooo. Not good. Even fried to death, it was slimey.

    I feel like I am running into dumb links a lot lately, where it appears that my question will be addressed, and instead it’s like there’s this “placeholder” page where the information would be, if it were there. Which it isn’t.

    I am not familiar with wellsphere.com. I guess you are not recommending it.


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