My (extremely limited) experience with the Blood Type and GenoType diets

For what it’s worth, I thought I’d mention that after several years of tinkering with my diet to control various health issues, I discovered that it pretty much matched up with Peter D’Adamo’s Blood Type diet. If you somehow missed all the hoopla about his book Eat Right For Your Type, D’Adamo believes that your blood type can tell you what types of food and exercise are best for you and what health issues you’re susceptible to. And of course along with the wild success of his book he found wild success creating about 2.5 gazillion supplements for each blood type.

A naturopath brought this to my attention about eight years ago when I visited her about my insane chocolate cravings. When I described my food intake she said, “Well, you’re obviously a Type O.” I had heard of the diet but never investigated it, and didn’t actually know my blood type. She tested me and sure enough, I am Type O+. I then skimmed through a wee little booklet just for Type Os — did I mention that the author merchandised the wazoo out of that book? — and found that it did indeed correlate closely to my personality and lifestyle, but I never paid any more attention to it.

Earlier this year I happened upon D’Adamo’s website and found his new gig, the GenoType diet, which divides people into six types. On the website he describes each genotype’s immune system, personalities, physical makeup, health issues, and how they typically age. Out of curiosity I read up on each type and found one, the Gatherer, that matches me and my diet to a T, except for the bit about the index fingers being longer than the ring fingers.

In other words, when I learned about each diet I discovered I’d already been practicing it. I have neither read his books (all the way through, anyway) nor tried his supplements. But if you’re at a loss as to where to start in terms of using your diet to control medical issues, you might look into it. If nothing else, Dr. D’Adamo is an enthusiastic and entertaining writer.

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